Thrifty Filofaxing- Paint “Leaf” to-dos

I hope you are all enjoying the “Thrifty Filofaxing” series- it has really stretched my imagination and my pennies! Next up are these:


Anyone recognize these?! They are the new paint chip samples from Behr used in their display at Home Depot. Such a fun shape!!! Especially as Autumn has arrived… leaves… 🙂


Pretty colors too… One of the fun things about paint chips is that I am inspired by different colors at different times of the year- in the Spring and Summer I like bright and bold colors, and in the Autumn and Winter I like warm earth tones, and then cool pastels for January and Feb. So fun to change it up! Each one is fun and unique.

So I got out the washi, stickers and pens:


Aren’t these hippos having a blast?


Added a little wash tape, a cute sticker and my list:


And stuck into my planner! Perfect size.


I’m really looking forward to using more of these.

Happy Organizing!



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