Tags- Birthdays

Birthdays! Sigh.

This used to be a fairly uncomplicated thing, before the days when my family was more than double the people it is now… don’t get me wrong- I LOVE celebrating the people we love with gifts, but they just seemed to be happening all the time frequently and I wasn’t prepared for most of them! So I had to invent a system.

At first, it seemed awfully straightforward- just put someone’s name on the day of their birthday. Which, of course, I did:

bday 2

This is my nephew, Josiah’s birthday- Which was in July! But that didn’t solve my problem of preparing for the party itself. Looking for and purchasing the perfect gift (which does not mean at the last second and for a million dollars!) so that was another factor. And once again, my trusty Tags helped me out…

I made another one, in the shape of a gift, and I stick that well ahead of the actual birthday day so I can remind myself the week before – or in some cases the month before, depending on my travel schedule!- to be on the lookout for a great present:

bday 1

So there is his “present” so I can prepare his gift in time! Here is a view of the second half of that week, with the tag stuck in:

bday 3

And that’s it. Problem solved.

Let the party commence!

Happy Organzing.



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