Tags- Work Hours

I am self-employed, for those of you who didn’t know which means that sometimes staying motivated to focus on the things that I NEED to do versus the things that I WANT to do sometimes is a bit of a challenge. Especially when all your family lives close by. And it’s sunny outside. And work is work. 🙂

So once again, I invented a Tag that I could use in my calender that would help me to block out time during the same portion of each week- to remind me not to schedule anything during these hours and what I’ll be doing during this time instead! I can’t say I’ve maintained these hours every week, but it certainly gives me a better idea of when to try to plan personal events and when I can commit my time to focusing only on work-related items on my to-do lists. It’s been a really good thing!

work 1

And here it is “blocking out” the middle of my days on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:

work 2

The little “sing” tag means I have to actually practice some vocalizing- not just memory work, emails, admin or other various kinds of things that fall under the “Work” category.

Happy Organizing!



2 thoughts on “Tags- Work Hours

  1. I’d love to see a tutorial on how you make these tabs and your quotes. Loved the Anne of Green gables quotes. Love you stuff!!!

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