Mondays with OperaGirl

I have to admit it: Monday is my favorite day of the week.

I know, I know- you all think I’m nuts! But I really do love them. After the “relaxing” of the weekend is over (where we find more often than not the weekend is just as busy, if not busier than the week!) I can face a totally fresh week with a renewed spirit and sense of productivity and motivation. I can only liken Mondays to pulling out a fresh sheet of Filofax paper (or whatever kind of paper you like to write on) to start a new list… mmmmmmm… There’s something so refreshing about making a clean start, and that, dear readers, is what Mondays are to me. 🙂

I’m hoping to start some more regular posts on Mondays to inspire you all.

On this particular Monday I’m feeling awfully thankful for the life I have and for the small things. Some of which I’m going to share with you here and now! Like this photo from Instagram today- love these colors together and they look so happy sitting in a row on my desk:


Don’t they?! They’ve been messed up a bit since…


But that’s ok. See my fun “list” on that cute piece of fall paper? Loving all my Autumn things. I also found a new pen case at Primark, one of the European shops I miss now that I live in the states. Dirt cheap stuff (in every sense of the word!) but sometimes you find a gem. Like this new pen case:


Isn’t it fantastic?! Black, Sparkly, holds loads of pens and was so affordable.


I have piles of music waiting to be learned today…


Clearly, I’m not feeling the practice time as I’m writing this post instead of doing that. Or working out. I’ll get there!

Here is my Filofax goodies “storage” while we’re away.

I’m not loving it… I miss my desk!


Can you spot the Primark bag, also being used to house goodies! Sheesh.

Miss Osterley (still haven’t managed to figure out what I’m going to do about naming all my Filos. I can’t decide.) is storing FAR too many to-dos on her lovely list page today… sigh.



But all that to say; I’m still happy it’s Monday. And I’m healthy, doing a job I love in a lovely city with my Beloved after having vacation together last week in another lovely city.

Mondays aren’t so bad, people! So for a moment today, at some point, sit and take a moment to be thankful that you get another fresh week with a clean start.


See you soon!

Happy Monday. 🙂



My Week- September 23-29

Another week of Filofax fun!


As you can see, I’m still traveling, hence the Washi tape across the top! In my Filofax, it’s not decoration; I use Washi to show when I’m on a work trip or away from home. It’s so easy for me to flip ahead in my calendar and be able to tell right away if I’m going to be around or not- or where I’ll be! Each trip gets it’s own color. 🙂 Of course!


Of course my work hours, another card to be sent, message to a friend, blog post and a week of Bible Study to complete.


A birthday, more blogging, change my lenses, ANOTHER birthday, a prayer tree, and another performance! Also some birthday gift prep and Week 6 of my health challenge!

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Organizing.


Thrifty Filofaxing- Paint “Leaf” to-dos

I hope you are all enjoying the “Thrifty Filofaxing” series- it has really stretched my imagination and my pennies! Next up are these:


Anyone recognize these?! They are the new paint chip samples from Behr used in their display at Home Depot. Such a fun shape!!! Especially as Autumn has arrived… leaves… 🙂


Pretty colors too… One of the fun things about paint chips is that I am inspired by different colors at different times of the year- in the Spring and Summer I like bright and bold colors, and in the Autumn and Winter I like warm earth tones, and then cool pastels for January and Feb. So fun to change it up! Each one is fun and unique.

So I got out the washi, stickers and pens:


Aren’t these hippos having a blast?


Added a little wash tape, a cute sticker and my list:


And stuck into my planner! Perfect size.


I’m really looking forward to using more of these.

Happy Organizing!


To-Do List- Lighthouses

Loving these stickers from Sticker King- I think for value these are some of the best and most generous sticker brands out there. Not to mention variety! I keep seeing new ones all the time and one of my local stores actually showed me their catalogue- I want one of everything!!!

They are so summery and  I’m really digging the orange and blue color scheme.  A twist on the normal red and blue nautical!


Don’t you just love all the little fishies and sailboats and anchors?

I chose a paper and washi combo that went along with the stickers I knew I wanted to use- that orange and blue theme:


With some gold sparkle with a “nautical stripe”!

Decorate the page:


And then add the sticker inspiration:


Love it.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Autumn Page Dividers

As you may have already seen I did a post here about the way I’ve found to make a today marker “page” and then change it out for seasonal reasons… today I’m showing you how I made a couple sets for my favorite time of year- Autumn! I can’t wait to change things out in my Filofax to feel like Fall… photos & ideas to come!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stickers. First of all, they are small and there are plenty that come in a pack. I appreciate when a company gives you enough stickers on one page that you don’t have to buy three items just to have enough to last you through a couple seasons. Sigh. Anyway, I also love that they are sparkly AND epoxy- my favorite kind of sticker! I like that it gives the sticker some dimension, but doesn’t have quite the bulk of some of the puffy stickers out there. While cute, I’m not a fan and find that those puffy ones are just too thick for my tastes.

These stickers were destined for an Autumn-themed flyleaf page!

IMG_3549 IMG_3548

Got to choose a great paper for the Halloween theme I’m going for to match the Candy Corn.


Here it is- so fun!

And here is the set (Dashboard page and flyleaf)


Loving these! Can’t wait to stick them in.

And here is a lovely Autumn Leaves set I’ve made and am excited to be using in my Filofax. Come November, this will be so great!


Be creative- make your own… Happy Organizing. 🙂


Tags- Birthdays

Birthdays! Sigh.

This used to be a fairly uncomplicated thing, before the days when my family was more than double the people it is now… don’t get me wrong- I LOVE celebrating the people we love with gifts, but they just seemed to be happening all the time frequently and I wasn’t prepared for most of them! So I had to invent a system.

At first, it seemed awfully straightforward- just put someone’s name on the day of their birthday. Which, of course, I did:

bday 2

This is my nephew, Josiah’s birthday- Which was in July! But that didn’t solve my problem of preparing for the party itself. Looking for and purchasing the perfect gift (which does not mean at the last second and for a million dollars!) so that was another factor. And once again, my trusty Tags helped me out…

I made another one, in the shape of a gift, and I stick that well ahead of the actual birthday day so I can remind myself the week before – or in some cases the month before, depending on my travel schedule!- to be on the lookout for a great present:

bday 1

So there is his “present” so I can prepare his gift in time! Here is a view of the second half of that week, with the tag stuck in:

bday 3

And that’s it. Problem solved.

Let the party commence!

Happy Organzing.


My Week- September 16-22

Another look at another busy week for OperaGirl! Hopefully this week my husband and I will be traveling around Europe, but the plans aren’t final yet. Here’s hoping!


Not much on this week except for blog posts! Well, you can also see some Washi tape in there for the first time in a while. That’s because I only use it for Work trips and this green means I’m away for work!


Still committed to work hours as I’ll be preparing a lot of music this fall.


I do have a performance on Friday night, which you can see…

Happy Organizing!