Quick Tip- Store Hours

There are always moments I’m in the car, doing errands and trying to be as efficient as possible. Then, you remember that random store you forgot at the last second so think, “Maybe I’ll go to ____________ (fill in the blank)! But is it still open?”

I have invented a solution for this problem! This started happening to me all the time and I realized that there was a very simple way to know when all the stores I most frequent open and close. Here it is, the Store Hours Chart:

Store Hours

I list the name of the store first, followed by the days of the week and specific hours. Now, when I need to go to our local Rite Aid and it’s 9:30pm on Saturday night, I know I’d better hustle ‘cause it closes at 10pm!

Just a quick tip for you all.

Happy Organizing!



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