Thrifty Filofaxing- Already Owned Items

You know that saying,

“Your trash is someone else’s treasure”?

Well, in this case it is definitely true!

My mom had a box of these pre-cut, multi-colored, multi-edged pieces of  paper that are generally used for card making. Which we like to do, on occasion. Except these little guys never got used and they were just sitting there, in all their rainbow gloriousness, beckoning to me… So she offered the whole lot of them to me!


They even come in a great plastic case, for easy storage and viewing! I was stoked. There are four different edges, as you can see, and loads of color choices! I can use these to stick a little note just about anywhere.

So, the moral of this story is that sometime other people have things lying around that are meant for one purpose, but with a little imagination and thriftiness it can become a great stationary find- for cheap.  Things can always be re-cut, re-sized or re-purposed in great ways. Keep your eyes out at Garage sales (women often buy crafting and stationary supplies that then sit on their shelves forEVER), the Grocery store, a Secondhand store, and other unexpected places.

Perhaps even your mom’s house?! 🙂

Happy Organizing!



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