Thrifty Filofaxing- Make your own Paper

So many stores have great deals on little paper notepads, like this one I got from Michael’s in the 1$ bin:




I used a Filofax Personal sized page template and traced where I wanted to trim off the excess for a personal sized page:
IMG_3222 IMG_3223

A little tricky to see with all those lines already on there… I did two different versions:


On one I trimmed more off the top, on the other I trimmed more off the bottom. Gotta love a little variety! Next up was to decorate them- found some cute stickers in my stash and some washi tape:




A to-do list fit for a queen. 🙂

And for the other:
IMG_3229 IMG_3226 IMG_3227

So when you’re out and about looking at those cheap (sometimes not so cute) notepads in dollar bins, or even in the school paper isle (more on that later!) keep in mind that with a little imagination, some stickers and time you can make a great page for your Filofax or planner.

Happy Organizing.



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