Thrifty Filofaxing- Paint Chips

What can you do when you have no money to spend on new stationary, but would like to add pops of color to your Filofax and need to make lists!?

Recognize this?


You got it: a Paint Chip! From a local hardware store. Free. In EVERY color under the sun. perfect size. Sturdy paper. Glossy surface. And did I mention free?! And as soon as I saw the plethora of colors on little pieces of paper (essentially) my brain wheels started turning…

And I find all the names so inspiring!!!


Of course I busted out some of my new washi tape to match each “list”


Here are all four of the colors and their coordinating washi tape that I chose:


So fun! I also wanted to change up the color of pen I was using for each one, and I’m sure some of you like doing the same. I have these great pens:


So I assigned a color to each one:





So there are my Paint Chip lists.

They come in SO MANY sizes and colors. My favorites are the Martha Stewart paint samples; hers also include some smaller metallic squares and her regular line even has a pamphlet with a swatch of every color. So if you have a roll of washi tape that you can’t seem to find anything to go with? Grab yourself a pamphlet and check out all Martha’s colors (there are 280, in case you were wondering). The shape of hers also fit perfectly onto the flyleaf in my Personal Filofax…

Happy-thrifty!- Organizing!



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