Introducing…. Finsbury Yellow! (Sunny)

There’s someone I would like you all to meet. Her name is Sunny. πŸ™‚


Isn’t she beautiful?! Mr. W bought her for me first as a “mistake”… he simply didn’t know the different sizes of Filofax and I was using an A5 when I first started filofaxing. So I ordered the A5 in Yellow instead. And just wasn’t feeling it- I know you all understand. I couldn’t stop thinking about the amazing size and feel that Sunny had when I held her. So I made the decision to switch to Personal size, called her back home, and the rest is history! I LOVE this Filofax- the color makes me so happy every time I pull it out, I love that Mr. W knew me better than I knew myself (really, nothing new about that! He’s amazing.), and I love that it holds it’s firmness. She doesn’t really lay flat, but that doesn’t bother me.

Open the front to my current dashboard:


The yellow makes all the rest of my color pop, and I love that!


Inside front pockets:


Rainbow tabs for all my life sections!


The back- I don’t use it for anything yet:


So there you have it; Sunny!


Happy Organizing.



4 thoughts on “Introducing…. Finsbury Yellow! (Sunny)

  1. I LOVE the color! I have the rose colored one and if you leave it open overnight turned upside down that may help with it laying flat.Thanks for sharing!

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