Sticky Notes- Donut Flags

When it comes to bakery food, who doesn’t love donuts?! I’ve had to curtail my donut intake over the last few years as my hips have caught up to me being in my 30’s… but I still indulge every once in a while. And now I can enjoy the sweet cuteness of a donut in my planner! So you can imagine when i came across these sticky notes I didn’t hestitate.

Introducing: Donut Sticky Flags!

Donut 1

Aren’t they adorable? I also love the variety- I’m a big fan of having lots of choices, which is also probably why I have so much décor stuff for my Filo… hmmmm…

Donut 2

Anyway, I think this is a great set. There is a nice variety, cohesive color scheme (if you decorate your pages, they all have similar colors!), and easily fit anywhere as a decorative and functional note.

Donut 3

I’m looking forward to using mine more.

Happy Organizing!



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