My Week- August 26-September 1

Here is another glance at my week calendar for August 26-September 1. Things will be crazy as I’m preparing to leave for 6 weeks for work on August 31st- which is TODAY… so you’re getting a view before I’ve actually lived this week! Whew.


My brother’s birthday is on the 27th, along with a Bible Study meeting.


Haven’t managed much tennis toward the end of the summer since things have been so busy, but the reminders are still in there! 🙂 I have my monthly reminder to message my friend Philly as well.


Another prayer tree, Hair Appt (sticky dot!) and another birthday shopping reminder. I’ve also got tags for contacts, and to change the pictures on my FB professional and personal page.. I like to change them out for each month.

Hope you all had a great week!



To-Do List- Umbrellas & Raindrops

This weeks inspiration came from these adorable (albeit a bit springy) stickers:


by Sticko, one of my favorite brands. Then I chose paper and a complimentary tape color and pattern:


The yellow polka dots are from a sheet in my masking sticker tape collection from Amazon.

And finally, the page finished and waiting for a whole lot of to-dos!


That would brighten up anyone’s rainy day. 🙂

Happy Organizing!


Quick Tip- Store Hours

There are always moments I’m in the car, doing errands and trying to be as efficient as possible. Then, you remember that random store you forgot at the last second so think, “Maybe I’ll go to ____________ (fill in the blank)! But is it still open?”

I have invented a solution for this problem! This started happening to me all the time and I realized that there was a very simple way to know when all the stores I most frequent open and close. Here it is, the Store Hours Chart:

Store Hours

I list the name of the store first, followed by the days of the week and specific hours. Now, when I need to go to our local Rite Aid and it’s 9:30pm on Saturday night, I know I’d better hustle ‘cause it closes at 10pm!

Just a quick tip for you all.

Happy Organizing!


Sticky Notes- Filling Life with Good Things!

I found these great sticky notes while perusing the stationary section at my local Christian Bookstore- they have so much cool fun stuff in there these days!


The whole pack is designed like a booklet. When you open it up here is what’s on the right side:


How cute are all of those?! I love that each one is a distinctly different design and that even though they are unique, the overall color scheme of every one goes together. Here are some close-ups:

IMG_4051 IMG_4052 IMG_4053

And here is one of the stickies on my calendar page!


Sticky Notes that add good things. 🙂


Happy Organizing!


Tags- Book Club

I am a member of a small book club at home that meets once a month to read a variety of literature. I wanted a fun way to keep track of what we were reading, so created a tag. This one isn’t very complicated; simply the cover of the book we are meeting to discuss that month. But it works for me and is immediately accessible when I look ahead in my calendar.

Here is last weeks book, with a check mark since the meeting is over:

Tag- Book Club

The whole page:

book club 2

And this is next months book/meeting!

book club 3

Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Can to Canister

This post is more of a “Thrifty Office” category, but since most of my pen storage is for Filofaxing, and I’ve found this to be an awesome storage solution, I decided to include it anyway.  We are going to turn this:


Into one of these:



I love these Progresso Soup cans because of the size of the opening, and they aren’t too tall. It makes perfect pen storage, that is (basically) free and uniform!

First, remove the paper from the outside of the can:


Then measure the width of the can. I do four inches across, because if you do it just to the edge then sometimes it is too wide- simply my personal preference. You can do any combination of paper, colors, etc. I like one single sheet all the way around:


IMG_3482   IMG_3483

Lay the paper along the can and wrap around to be sure of the fit:


Then trim off the excess- if you have too much paper overlapping it with create a “lumpy” look once you glue it all down (and keep in mind NO glueing yet!):


Now, while holding the whole piece of paper in place, glue the bottom edge first. Then, still holding the paper firmly wrapped around the whole can, squeeze out a moderate amount of glue under the other end and gently press down:

IMG_3487 IMG_3488

I have tried tape and my glue runner,and the paper just doesn’t stay stuck. Or takes too long to dry. In any case, my preference is a glue gun.IMG_3490

And there you have it- a great pen cup for nothing!



I have loads of them and can change the paper out any time I wish- think seasonal- or create a “matching set” with your post-it dispenser- which I have done!


Happy Organizing!


Thrifty Filofaxing- Already Owned Items

You know that saying,

“Your trash is someone else’s treasure”?

Well, in this case it is definitely true!

My mom had a box of these pre-cut, multi-colored, multi-edged pieces of  paper that are generally used for card making. Which we like to do, on occasion. Except these little guys never got used and they were just sitting there, in all their rainbow gloriousness, beckoning to me… So she offered the whole lot of them to me!


They even come in a great plastic case, for easy storage and viewing! I was stoked. There are four different edges, as you can see, and loads of color choices! I can use these to stick a little note just about anywhere.

So, the moral of this story is that sometime other people have things lying around that are meant for one purpose, but with a little imagination and thriftiness it can become a great stationary find- for cheap.  Things can always be re-cut, re-sized or re-purposed in great ways. Keep your eyes out at Garage sales (women often buy crafting and stationary supplies that then sit on their shelves forEVER), the Grocery store, a Secondhand store, and other unexpected places.

Perhaps even your mom’s house?! 🙂

Happy Organizing!