Organizing- Washi Tape!

A few weeks ago I realized that I have a problem. Well, not so much a problem as a big, colorful, glittery mess.

Exhibit A:



Couldn’t fit one more thing in here even if I wanted to! And I loathe having to wrestle something free when I need it- that goes for Bookshelves too. I can’t stand having to move something to get to seomthing ELSE! Irritating.

Anyway, back to the mess. I knew I wanted to store my washi tapes with the roll facing out so that I can see the tape style/color. And I knew that I wanted things in this same color order. AND I also had another empty drawer in this amazing set of drawers that Mr. W found in Office Depot- they were perfect for my office space. Enter empty drawer!


So nice and clean…. 🙂 (and coffee. I always need coffee)

But how to get the tapes- less of them- to stand on their own when not crushed against the edges?! I needed some kind of divider, so just invented my own. Found some sturdy cardstock paper, measured, and trimmed to the depth of the drawer:


Then I measured how to get three “rows” in each drawer and taped the divider cards down flat:


I then flipped them over to lay the other way, and taped in the same way on the other side. When I released them, they stood upright on their own like this:

IMG_3477 IMG_3476

I also added little pieces to the ends and taped them against the ends of the drawer so they would stay standing up.

The only thing left was to add my glitter tape to one drawer…


And my washi tape to the other!


There is so much ROOM and I can’t wait to share all my washi’s with you.

So there you have it. Washi Drawer Organization 101. Thanks for joining me!

Happy Organizing.



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