Sticky Notes- Paris Cafe

Sticky Notes. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh…….!!!

I know for a lot of you out there, that pretty much sums it up. Until I entered the world of Filofax, I had not a clue about the vast plethora of options for sticky notes that existed out there in the world. I was content with my post-its and the occasional special find, but oh boy; it’s totally different now! There are multitudes of kinds, colors, styles, sizes, themes, shapes and paper.  So I’m going to share some of my collection with you all in hopes in will send you on sticky-note quests of your own.

Introducing:  Paris Café by iMarker

Paris 1

They are WAY smaller than I thought when I ordered them- not that I’m complaining, as most of the time the things I want to try and stick in my Personal Filofax are huge for it.

Paris 2

I love the background of the piece of cardboard they are on, the variety, and the darn cuteness of them all.

Paris 3

You know you want some… 🙂

Happy Organizing!



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