Tags- Prayer Trees

When you need to find a way to include something in your Filofax and planner, there is really only one way for me to go about doing it in order to have it exactly how I want it.

I do it myself. 🙂

I frequently design my own kind of “sticker” that I have called “tags” and I use them all over my schedule for every imaginable kind of thing. From notes to remember message a friend, to workouts to reminders about when my contact lenses are due to be changed I have found a way to make these little guys work for me! Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite tags, the one I call “prayer tree”.

Late last year I decided I wanted to be more purposeful about praying for the women in my life and try and encourage them in this way. So I chose a verse for each week of the year (this goes up on our fridge each week, as well as getting switched out at the front of my planner:


Then, I randomly assigned a verse to all the women I wanted to pray for and sent them “their” verse. I also committed to praying for them during that week. And the tags?! Well, I wanted a reminder during that week of the woman so created little trees and added an empty square so I could write in the name and verse, and stuck them in.

tree 2

A nice little reminder all week long!

tree 1

Happy Organizing.



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