Washi Inventory- To Keep or Not To Keep?

I’m trying to be better about purging what I don’t use from my life; whether that be clothes, food, or just stuff in general. Including craft/Filofax supplies…

Collecting Washi tape is not for the faint-of-heart; there are an infinite number of colors, styles, suppliers and things to use it for. I have plenty. And I frequently see new rolls that make me want more. I’m trying to rein it in…. I did create some Washi inventory pages for my Filofax which are really fun. I did them by color so I can know what I have when I’m looking for a certain color combo when working on things…



Of course there are rolls that don’t really fall into one color category- I find this great when you want to  blend colors and frustrating when trying to organize them. My solution is this:


And at the bottom you can see I’ve included some of my glitter tape. This part is sadly out of date… And, unfortunately, I’ve realized that I spent so much time putting these lovely looking pages together but have NEVER ONCE turned to them for a reference when I’m contemplating what to use/what I have. So I’ve taken them out of my Filofax. There isn’t enough room in my Personal size for pages that never get a look. Purging feels good and creates more space for things that matter- in life and in my planner.

Happy Organizing. 🙂



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