Travel + Filofax- Sticker Book

You may or may not know that I travel a lot for work. “A lot” meaning I have 6 work trips left in this calendar year, ranging in length from 4 days to 6 weeks. I realized that some of you may travel as well (and I KNOW some of you do via my friends on IG- Hi Ellenie!) and thought I could share some of what I do when I go on the road with regards to my Filofax supplies and goodies.

Packing office supplies used to be something I thought was silly. I mean, who needs to bring scissors and tape to a hotel room, right?! And then I realized I was purchasing doubles of lots of my frequently used things; or forgetting that I even owned those things since my desk was so far away and my stuff so rarely got seen/used. *Sniff!*

So I finally got smart and started strategically planning.

1- What I would need during the time I am away? and

2- What I would want during the time I am away?

This second point also translates into, “bringing cute things I already own that will keep me from justifying the purchase of many MORE cute things since I feel like I don’t have any. WITH ME that is…”

So you can see that this is practical on two levels.

So here is my brilliant idea for this last trip: The Travel Sticker Book! I have a fantastic system for sticker storage at home, but it is completely giant and impractical for travel. Enter; the Unused Binder. It had clear plastic pockets, a durable cover, and I wasn’t using it for anything. In fact, I had put it in a box for the Goodwill! I reclaimed it, created a label and here she is:



First page is some of my sticky notes- more on these in one of my new series coming up soon!


And then a selection of some lovely stickers I already own that I knew would keep me happily creating during the time I was away…

 IMG_3863 IMG_3864

And there are extra pages in the back. Mainly because I didn’t need to bring a huge book for a 4 day trip- but also just in case I found something I couldn’t live without…


So here it is with some of my new rolls of washi and some new pages I’m going to be walking you through soon too. Stay tuned!…


I’d love to hear what your go-to plans are for travel with Filofax and planning goodies; please share!

Happy Organizing!



3 thoughts on “Travel + Filofax- Sticker Book

  1. Hi Katie and thank you for posting this amazing idea. As a fellow traveler myself; I find that I am always buying doubles. This will save me time and money. I love it and thank you again

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