List of the Week: Blackberry Picnic

I’m loving pulling out some stickers every week and feeling inspired to create something cute and functional for my life! This week’s inspiration was some amazing verse stickers I found:


I knew immediately that I wanted to bring out the red gingham cloth in that sticker middle, right. How adorable is that? I left the paper color white to not detract:


And then I added my sticker on the corner where it would be out of the way of my list and there you have it! I also added a few puffy heart stickers to bring out the red a bit more.


Loving the summertime feel of this page. 🙂

Happy List-Making!



Quote of the Week: I Need to say “NO” to:

I love this one; its (perhaps somewhat obviously?!) in the bills/finance section of my Filofax.

Very. Convicting.


Anyone out there feelin’ me? Spending less. On things I don’t even need! Saying “yes” to things that take up my time on things or people that are not the best choice for me or my husband. Too many sweets or unhealthy food? Check. HOARDING outrageous amounts of supplies?

Er- check….

Like I said, convicting. And inspiring- we all need a good reminder of what is truly important in life and making choices that reveal what our true priorities are. I’m still working on it.

Happy Saying “No”!


Tags- Notes

Little bits of paper everywhere…

with all kinds of random information on them…

never to be found again…

Sound familiar?!

I still had the need for random pieces of paper every once in a while (called sticky notes now!) even after switching over to my Filofax- but sometimes you need a really specific, really tiny, really exact reminder. So I designed a tag. 🙂

I call it my “Note” tag, as it’s like a little piece of paper. Well, it is a little piece of paper. But it’s cute and fits exactly onto my weekly calendar so I can write a very specific reminder for a day and time and then KNOW that I’ve done it by checking it off.

note 3

And here you can see it in the whole page view:

note 4


Happy Organizing.

Organizing- Washi Tape!

A few weeks ago I realized that I have a problem. Well, not so much a problem as a big, colorful, glittery mess.

Exhibit A:



Couldn’t fit one more thing in here even if I wanted to! And I loathe having to wrestle something free when I need it- that goes for Bookshelves too. I can’t stand having to move something to get to seomthing ELSE! Irritating.

Anyway, back to the mess. I knew I wanted to store my washi tapes with the roll facing out so that I can see the tape style/color. And I knew that I wanted things in this same color order. AND I also had another empty drawer in this amazing set of drawers that Mr. W found in Office Depot- they were perfect for my office space. Enter empty drawer!


So nice and clean…. 🙂 (and coffee. I always need coffee)

But how to get the tapes- less of them- to stand on their own when not crushed against the edges?! I needed some kind of divider, so just invented my own. Found some sturdy cardstock paper, measured, and trimmed to the depth of the drawer:


Then I measured how to get three “rows” in each drawer and taped the divider cards down flat:


I then flipped them over to lay the other way, and taped in the same way on the other side. When I released them, they stood upright on their own like this:

IMG_3477 IMG_3476

I also added little pieces to the ends and taped them against the ends of the drawer so they would stay standing up.

The only thing left was to add my glitter tape to one drawer…


And my washi tape to the other!


There is so much ROOM and I can’t wait to share all my washi’s with you.

So there you have it. Washi Drawer Organization 101. Thanks for joining me!

Happy Organizing.


My Week- July 2013

Here is a photo of my entire week:


As you can see from the washi across the top I have a work trip (I only use washi tape in my calendar pages across the top for work, not decorating!) but this one is slightly unique as the gig is actually for my hometown festival- so I’ll be working, but able to be at home. Bonus!

Here is Monday -Wednesday:


I have a bill due, Bible study, an encouragement card to send, Work Hours and a Hair Appointment (Sparkle dot!)



Sigh. Not less busy! Festival rehearsal, a friend flying in, another Bill, and a few other things. With some fun stickers and sticky notes!

Have a great week, everyone. 🙂

Happy Organizing!


Sticky Notes- Paris Cafe

Sticky Notes. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh…….!!!

I know for a lot of you out there, that pretty much sums it up. Until I entered the world of Filofax, I had not a clue about the vast plethora of options for sticky notes that existed out there in the world. I was content with my post-its and the occasional special find, but oh boy; it’s totally different now! There are multitudes of kinds, colors, styles, sizes, themes, shapes and paper.  So I’m going to share some of my collection with you all in hopes in will send you on sticky-note quests of your own.

Introducing:  Paris Café by iMarker

Paris 1

They are WAY smaller than I thought when I ordered them- not that I’m complaining, as most of the time the things I want to try and stick in my Personal Filofax are huge for it.

Paris 2

I love the background of the piece of cardboard they are on, the variety, and the darn cuteness of them all.

Paris 3

You know you want some… 🙂

Happy Organizing!


Tags- Prayer Trees

When you need to find a way to include something in your Filofax and planner, there is really only one way for me to go about doing it in order to have it exactly how I want it.

I do it myself. 🙂

I frequently design my own kind of “sticker” that I have called “tags” and I use them all over my schedule for every imaginable kind of thing. From notes to remember message a friend, to workouts to reminders about when my contact lenses are due to be changed I have found a way to make these little guys work for me! Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite tags, the one I call “prayer tree”.

Late last year I decided I wanted to be more purposeful about praying for the women in my life and try and encourage them in this way. So I chose a verse for each week of the year (this goes up on our fridge each week, as well as getting switched out at the front of my planner:


Then, I randomly assigned a verse to all the women I wanted to pray for and sent them “their” verse. I also committed to praying for them during that week. And the tags?! Well, I wanted a reminder during that week of the woman so created little trees and added an empty square so I could write in the name and verse, and stuck them in.

tree 2

A nice little reminder all week long!

tree 1

Happy Organizing.