Introducing: Finsbury Raspberry!

While I’ve been loving using the Saffiano, I was ready to change it up and had a new friend just waiting to be used… Here she is:


Such a great color and I love the feel of the Finsbury. Not as soft as the Saffiano, much firmer, but I like that they hold their shape despite what I stuff inside.


I added a pen loop to the back on a clear flyleaf so I can get two pens in there.


This is my decorative dashboard page- I decided to do a separate one for each of my Filos to match the inside with the outside. I also have a plan to do something seasonal with these as I’m a sucker for all things like that… Here is the whole front view:


And the front pockets, which don’t get all that much use yet-


And finally the clear floater page that I make for myself. I’ve come to love this as I can still pretty much see my whole week in a glance, but also can stick on important notes, lists, bits of info to the most-used part of my calendar and keep things all together.


So there she is! Looking foward to using her and enjoying this divine color. I actually started my whole Filofax addiction/obsession with a beautiful A5 Raspberry Finsbury that I don’t really use for anything right now but don’t think I could bear to part with. It changed my life for the better! So now I have one in the color I love in a size that works for me and my life.

Happy Organizing.



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