Quote of the Week: Anne of Green Gables

Like a lot of Filofax and planner users out there, I have quotes and words of inspiration throughout my life and Filo to remind me what is important, make me smile and encourage me during the overly-full and overly-stressful days. I collected loads of these and decided to print some of them out and use them in my Filofax.


I also wanted to be able to take them in and out (I like to change it up, what can I say…) without damaging the prints so decided to “laminate” them- I use packing tape, which is more cost effective and easy to use.


Then cut out- I leave a small border around the edges so it all stays “stuck”:


And finally stick in with my Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner to the desired location:


And I LOVE this verse: such a good reminder, and especially ironic that it is in the section in my Filofax labeled “Me”. LOL

Another one that I loved is this:


Anne of Green Gables quote… makes me want to watch these movies now.

Stuck in:


I’ll be periodically updating you all on what quotes are inspiring me in my Filofax.

Happy Organizing!



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