Quote of the Week Series: Dashboard Inspiration

Most people use the “Dashboard” (the clear plastic sheet at the front of your Filo) for very practical purposes: sticky-notes, clips, lists, storage, etc. I’ve found a different use for mine that is completely un-practical. I have found I like to open my Filofax and see things that make me happy, inspire me to be productive and that remind me why I stay organized. So I adapted some of my favorite quotes, verses, and love notes into decorative inspiration for myself. Here is the front side:


The top is a post-it love note from Mr. W- I found it on my desk one morning, and since he knows I have an obsession with sticky-notes it was cute. šŸ™‚ Below that is my verse for the week- this will have to be another post as it changes every week (at least this year!) and I’ll have to explain it further. The quote at the bottom is from one of my favorite books on marriage and home-caring (Creative Counterpart, by Linda Dillow), and I feel motivated every time I read it!


The back side of the page looks like this:


The first quote is pretty much what inspired me to get back to using a Paper planner- specifically, my Filofax, as I just wasn’t making the most of the digital planners I had been using.


I tried and tried to customize things the way I liked, but still found myself going back to paper lists and I finally just gave in. I’m so glad I did! Because I love how it looks. And I DO use it more!


So true. The quote below I found in a magazine and re-stuck it into things for a year or two. It finally got so battered that I realized I should probably re-type it and laminate so I could preserve the words. This is totally how order makes me feel and sometimes my motivation for cleaning, organizing and simplifying. Thank you Anais Nin for putting it into words for me!


Finally, something that I was challenged by in my James Bible study last year- It is so true:


So those are my quotes! Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Organizing.



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