“Tags” Series- Blog

This will be the start of a series I’m doing following up on all the little bits of paper you see in my Filofax. I realized early on that I was going to need my own system to keep track of all the things in MY life that make it unique.

First, I will realize I need a visual reminder in my calendar that shows me something I have to remember. In this case, I’m trying to be better about planning when I post to the blog here. Aren’t you glad? πŸ™‚ I measured a bit in my pages to see dimension of size and then set to work creating what I call a “tag” for me to insert (like my very own sticker!) on the pages. Here is a full sheet of my Blog Tags:


Obviously, I have to cut all these out, but I find it kind of therapeutic. And I love that the color, size and font are exactly what I want. And free!



I take these little tags above and then using my trusty Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner, I stick in it at the desired location:


A great reminder, a simple solution to a problem and fun.

Happy Organizing!



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