My Week Series

Hello there!

The start of another busy week, and I’m showing you what the pages in my Filofax look like this week. Here is the first half, with my self-designed clear page divider to the right:


There is a huge “Monday” list stuck in there since I had a housecleaning list from last week I didn’t finish and wanted to remember to do these things!


Here is the page with the orange list lifted:

Bible study (Daniel!), work hours, tennis, Zumba, and a bill.

Here is the other side of the week, with the clear page now on the left:


At the bottom is a new tag I designed (more about Tags later this week!) for a health challenge I’m doing over the next 8 weeks- it is based off of the Six Sisters website/blog and how they did it. I am getting healthy and enjoying it very much!

As Tony Horton says, “Drink your water, people!”…


A close up of the second half of the week- more bills, tennis and the race car sticker is to remind me to pray for my husband who is writing a book on NASCAR.

Kind of a fun way to remind myself. 🙂

Happy Organizing!



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