JetPens- The Case of Champions

A few months ago I was drooling over looking at some of the great pics on Instagram by my fellow Filofax-lovers and came across what looked like an AMAZING travel case from JetPens. I got on the website, tracked it down and eagerly awaited the arrival through the post. And let me tell you, it is as amazing as it looks!

Here is my baby:


Lime Green is one of my favorite colors, so I couldn’t believe my luck that it came in that shade.


This thing holds a ton of stuff but is really not that huge of a size. Here it is open on the first side:


I carry my trusty Elmers Glue Dot runner, a small pair of scissors, my complete collection of Flair Pens; them some Muji pens, the new Pentel Sunburst set of pens and some tiny clips. Turning the page:


I have all KINDS of tabs/flags/arrows, my complete Le Pen collection (18 colors!!!!), a mini hole-punch and a couple of other random pens with a pencil as well.

There you have it! If you are contemplating a new pen/pencil case and want one that is sturdy, good quality, lightweight, holds a lot of stuff and attractive to boot then this is a great option!

Happy Organizing. 🙂


-I am in no way affilliated with JetPens or received anything for this review. 


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