Sticko Sparkle Dots: For Appointments ONLY!

There aren’t very many non-negotiable things in my calendar, but lately there have been more and more reasons to schedule things, even if they don’t seem that urgent. It helps me plan my day/week and allow for enough time in my day for things. It also means I don’t double-book myself, a huge pet-peeve.

Being very near to resembling a human magpie (ie: I’m pretty much obsessed with anything sparkly) I knew that by featuring appointments with a little glitz in my Filofax they would stand out more readily and I would see much more quickly and clearly when I am available. Introducing: Sticko Sparkle Dots!


(You can purchase them on Amazon- here is link to the rainbow ones:

They have several different “Collections”- Harvest, Winter (blue), Valentine (pink), Rainbow and Pastel. Here are what they look like in real life; the photo on Amazon does NOT do them justice!


Rainbows. *Happy sigh…*


And here they are in my week calendar- the appointments stand out immediately and add a little glamour to a pretty normal week.


So much sparkle waiting for me during the rest of this week!


Happy Organizing!



One thought on “Sticko Sparkle Dots: For Appointments ONLY!

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