Week to Week Series- Intro

I decided a while ago not to worry so much about decorating my weekly planning pages like so many other wonderful Filofax users out there do. With the setup that I have that works for me I prefer decorating my to-do lists instead of my calendar pages. Also, I use washi tape on my calendar pages for work travel dates, not for decoration. Obviously, it is pretty as well. šŸ™‚

Here is a photo of my calendar pages for next week:


I use a Personal sized Filofax (3.75 x 6.75) with a vertical week-on-2-pages layout. These pages are homemade by me- I had to track down a vertical format page online and then shrink it to personal size. Why? I use Washi tape across the top of the week/days when I am traveling for work. I can see in one glance if I will be available on any given day just by checking if there is a cute pattern at the top or not. As you can see, I’m home next week. Yay!

The first three days- Monday thru Wednesday are on the first page. You can see my “Work Hours” blocked out (11-3, M-W), and a few appointments which are noticeable because of the colored sparkle dots and coordinating color pen. These are things that ARE happening in my life- scheduled and timed events. Other things are on what I call “tabs” that I designed and printed myself. More on many of these in later posts.


You can also see Tags for Amy’s Birthday, Tennis, Blog post reminder, and a BILL! This bill system has saved my life and our finances! I have finally found a way to track my bills. I’ll be doing a special post on this too! The red book cover at the bottom is a book I’m reading with Mr. W and is to remind me of what chapter I need to be up to. I’m behind. šŸ™‚

The other side is Thursday-Sunday. I spent almost 7 years in England and they start all their calendars on Monday, which I’ve come to prefer. There is another Blog post reminder, another Bill, Tennis, and a Father’s Day tag for the holiday, and my little tree. The “Trees” will be another post for another day, but they are my weekly Women to Pray For reminders. The bottom is a reminder for my proffesional page on FB that I try and post to regularly and my tiny workout log- it’s teeny! But also there just to remind me.


And that’s one of my sample weeks! Thanks for making it to the end of this rather lengthy post- I will be explaining all these great things in more detail during the coming weeks.

Happy Planning!



6 thoughts on “Week to Week Series- Intro

  1. I also prefer the vertical layout with the appointments. Where did you get the vertical page format online? I always only find the horizontal week on 2 pages to download.. Cute set-up btw šŸ™‚

    • Hi Pat!

      I made them myself, altered from a free A5 vertical version I found online. It’s the only way my brain can make sense of a week on a page! Glad you liked them. šŸ™‚

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    • Hi Kel!

      I didn’t actually design them originally- I sized them down from a free online A5 version I found. If you’d like to look them up, I know they’re out there, but I wouldn’t feel right offering them from my blog since I didn’t create them! Glad you are enjoying them and thanks for the comment! Katie

  3. Hi Operagirl

    Is there anyway you could do a tutorial on how to downsize and create these vertical week on 2 pages? Its basically the only kind of setting I could use and have yet to find the pages for personal size Filofax with this set up?

    Thank you

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