The Never-Ending To-Do List

I make lists. I like making lists and everything that goes along with them…. using a pretty pen, remembering all the things there ARE to do, writing them down in an orderly way in one place where they will all be together, and then happily scratching them out furiously checking things off! And the first part of the this lovely list making is choosing just the right paper. I love all kinds, all colors, all styles. Lines are my favorite as I don’t tend to write straight across without them and my OCD nature doesn’t enjoy the messy appearance of that… Anyway, back to paper. I’ve taken to inventing or “designing” my own papers for list-making. I have so many cute stickers and washi tapes that it’s easy to feel inspired week-to-week and give myself a fresh take on the to-dos. Here is how it all happens!

I get inspired by something; in this case it was some summer “Ice Cream Truck” stickers by Sticko (one of my favorite brands).


Then I chose a paper color/style and some washi tape that I thought looked good!


Next step is adding the tape – I usually do toward the right side and upper and lower edges as I like my lists to the left. But it’s up to you. 🙂


Finally I add the stickers. You may want to hold them up to the page before sticking them down as they don’t always look how you think they will and then it might be too late to change position!



And finally, here is the lovely, summery, fun-looking list paper:


I love it! Below are photos of some of the other pages I’ve made that are patiently waiting in my Filofax to be used….



And this weeks list being used:


Happy List-making!



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