Introducing: Finsbury Raspberry!

While I’ve been loving using the Saffiano, I was ready to change it up and had a new friend just waiting to be used… Here she is:


Such a great color and I love the feel of the Finsbury. Not as soft as the Saffiano, much firmer, but I like that they hold their shape despite what I stuff inside.


I added a pen loop to the back on a clear flyleaf so I can get two pens in there.


This is my decorative dashboard page- I decided to do a separate one for each of my Filos to match the inside with the outside. I also have a plan to do something seasonal with these as I’m a sucker for all things like that… Here is the whole front view:


And the front pockets, which don’t get all that much use yet-


And finally the clear floater page that I make for myself. I’ve come to love this as I can still pretty much see my whole week in a glance, but also can stick on important notes, lists, bits of info to the most-used part of my calendar and keep things all together.


So there she is! Looking foward to using her and enjoying this divine color. I actually started my whole Filofax addiction/obsession with a beautiful A5 Raspberry Finsbury that I don’t really use for anything right now but don’t think I could bear to part with. It changed my life for the better! So now I have one in the color I love in a size that works for me and my life.

Happy Organizing.



Quote of the Week: Anne of Green Gables

Like a lot of Filofax and planner users out there, I have quotes and words of inspiration throughout my life and Filo to remind me what is important, make me smile and encourage me during the overly-full and overly-stressful days. I collected loads of these and decided to print some of them out and use them in my Filofax.


I also wanted to be able to take them in and out (I like to change it up, what can I say…) without damaging the prints so decided to “laminate” them- I use packing tape, which is more cost effective and easy to use.


Then cut out- I leave a small border around the edges so it all stays “stuck”:


And finally stick in with my Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner to the desired location:


And I LOVE this verse: such a good reminder, and especially ironic that it is in the section in my Filofax labeled “Me”. LOL

Another one that I loved is this:


Anne of Green Gables quote… makes me want to watch these movies now.

Stuck in:


I’ll be periodically updating you all on what quotes are inspiring me in my Filofax.

Happy Organizing!


To-Do List: Red And Silver Birdies

It’s another post in my “To-Do” Series- from inspiration, to other elements and how I finally put them all together. I wanted to use these stickers:


Happy looking birds in cages, and singing!

I have some pieces of washi tape that I’ve already removed from rolls and used as an attempt to travel with some. This didn’t work very well for me, so I’m trying to use up what is on these pieces. So the silver tape is what I wanted…


Side and bottom:


Add on the birdies, and voila- cuteness!


Until next time!

Happy Organizing.


Quote of the Week Series: Dashboard Inspiration

Most people use the “Dashboard” (the clear plastic sheet at the front of your Filo) for very practical purposes: sticky-notes, clips, lists, storage, etc. I’ve found a different use for mine that is completely un-practical. I have found I like to open my Filofax and see things that make me happy, inspire me to be productive and that remind me why I stay organized. So I adapted some of my favorite quotes, verses, and love notes into decorative inspiration for myself. Here is the front side:


The top is a post-it love note from Mr. W- I found it on my desk one morning, and since he knows I have an obsession with sticky-notes it was cute. 🙂 Below that is my verse for the week- this will have to be another post as it changes every week (at least this year!) and I’ll have to explain it further. The quote at the bottom is from one of my favorite books on marriage and home-caring (Creative Counterpart, by Linda Dillow), and I feel motivated every time I read it!


The back side of the page looks like this:


The first quote is pretty much what inspired me to get back to using a Paper planner- specifically, my Filofax, as I just wasn’t making the most of the digital planners I had been using.


I tried and tried to customize things the way I liked, but still found myself going back to paper lists and I finally just gave in. I’m so glad I did! Because I love how it looks. And I DO use it more!


So true. The quote below I found in a magazine and re-stuck it into things for a year or two. It finally got so battered that I realized I should probably re-type it and laminate so I could preserve the words. This is totally how order makes me feel and sometimes my motivation for cleaning, organizing and simplifying. Thank you Anais Nin for putting it into words for me!


Finally, something that I was challenged by in my James Bible study last year- It is so true:


So those are my quotes! Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Organizing.


“Tags” Series- Blog

This will be the start of a series I’m doing following up on all the little bits of paper you see in my Filofax. I realized early on that I was going to need my own system to keep track of all the things in MY life that make it unique.

First, I will realize I need a visual reminder in my calendar that shows me something I have to remember. In this case, I’m trying to be better about planning when I post to the blog here. Aren’t you glad? 🙂 I measured a bit in my pages to see dimension of size and then set to work creating what I call a “tag” for me to insert (like my very own sticker!) on the pages. Here is a full sheet of my Blog Tags:


Obviously, I have to cut all these out, but I find it kind of therapeutic. And I love that the color, size and font are exactly what I want. And free!



I take these little tags above and then using my trusty Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner, I stick in it at the desired location:


A great reminder, a simple solution to a problem and fun.

Happy Organizing!


My Week Series

Hello there!

The start of another busy week, and I’m showing you what the pages in my Filofax look like this week. Here is the first half, with my self-designed clear page divider to the right:


There is a huge “Monday” list stuck in there since I had a housecleaning list from last week I didn’t finish and wanted to remember to do these things!


Here is the page with the orange list lifted:

Bible study (Daniel!), work hours, tennis, Zumba, and a bill.

Here is the other side of the week, with the clear page now on the left:


At the bottom is a new tag I designed (more about Tags later this week!) for a health challenge I’m doing over the next 8 weeks- it is based off of the Six Sisters website/blog and how they did it. I am getting healthy and enjoying it very much!

As Tony Horton says, “Drink your water, people!”…


A close up of the second half of the week- more bills, tennis and the race car sticker is to remind me to pray for my husband who is writing a book on NASCAR.

Kind of a fun way to remind myself. 🙂

Happy Organizing!


Introducing: Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner!

I have a friend. His name is Elmer. Mr. Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner, to be exact. 🙂

This guy sticks ANYTHING safely, cleanly and easily into my Filofax. I use it often, daily and it is an affordable way to design, print and stick in my very own things for my life and my Filo. Here he is:



You press down, roll out some “glue” and stick.

IMG_3127 IMG_3128

You can just barely see the light blue glue, and then I’ve rubbed some of it off in the next photo. If you rub gently, the sticky stuff comes right off when you want to “un-stick” something. Even paper.


Here are some items I’ve stuck in: professional page reminder, workout tag, Blog reminder tag, Birthday tag, Tennis… you see how I can do all my own “stickers” along with the actual cute stickers that I buy?! So great.

IMG_3131 IMG_3132

More reminders and a look at a full page in my calendar that has been filled with my own tags.

I bought Elmer at Michaels and they have refills there too, but you can also buy on Amazon. Portable, affordable and useful! Enjoy.

Link on Amazon:

Happy Organizing!