Blog me a Rainbow

When I was contemplating starting a blog I knew I had to have a lot of my ideas organized in order to be 1- consistant about posting relevant posts and 2- not forget any great ideas I had that I wanted to share with others! I started out with this but wasn’t feeling very inspired by it:


So, I began an online search to find something better. During my quest to find blog planning resources online I came across an ADORABLE blog planning page that I used to get myself started: (from


I love rainbow- all COLOR!- so this was a great fit for me. Only, it wasn’t. I mean, I loved the look and the layout, only it was a full size 8 1/2 x11 sized page and I use a personal sized Filofax (3.5 x 6.75) so it was WAAAAY too big to work in there.

No question; this was what I wanted but just had to figure out a way to convert it to work for my size planner! I found myself doing this:


and after some printing, cutting and punching (and brainstorming!) I ended up with this:


I love it! I have also filled several of these pages already with great ideas for the Blog. OperaGirl has got to get going and do some Opera today.

Happy Organizing!



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