Introducing…. Saffiano!

I would like to introduce you the the newest member of my Filofax family:

the Purple Saffiano! Isn’t she lovely?!


I love the pocket in the front- almost more useful than all the little slots in the Finsbury (don’t worry, I will be talking about all of them at some point!) as I can put larger things in the front without adding too much bulk. I’m also going to address all the little colorful pieces of paper you see stuck throughout these pictures…


Another thing I’ve decided to do for each one of my Filofax’s is to make my own coordinating clear fly-leaf  and front dashboard page for each. I love the idea of having an extra page to stick things too during a busy week, without infringing too much on my overview of the whole week. For Saffiano, I chose a Grey, Black and Silver theme, to go with the Purple.



Lots of little things in there- I’ll be doing my best to explain what they all are and how they help me keep my life more organized and productive!


Have a great Tuesday. 🙂


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