Pretty Paper

I love using pretty paper. Even though I have loads of fun things to decorate the plain white stuff with in my arsenal of supplies, I am always on the lookout for inexpensive paper that is already “decorated”.  The other day I was perusing the office supply section at a drug store and spotted this notebook:

Pretty 1

The pages inside are just as great as the front cover:

Pretty 2

And some of the pages even have a floral décor and verse in the corner:

Pretty 3

I also liked that there was nothing that would be lost (on the hole-punched side) in cutting these down to fit into my Personal sized Filofax; so I pulled out a few pages, lined up the clear insert to trace, cut them out, hole-punched them and voila- great to-do list inserts that I “made” myself!

Pretty 4

Already being put to good use.

Pretty 5



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