Technology vs. Paper and Pen

I love all technology- especially all my Apple gadgets. But after a while things just weren’t getting written down and I didn’t look at it on the days that I wasn’t at “work” (meaning I was not on the road traveling or in rehearsals) which also meant things were still getting forgotten. Or they were prioritized incorrectly. Or they were put into an organizing program that I never looked at again. You get the idea… I was not being productive.

I love my phone- and Ipad. They are used EVERY day and serve all kinds of wonderful functions, especially when I’m away from my home office. (My iphone isn’t pictured, since I’m taking the photos on it!)


Then I found these….

IMG_2761 IMG_2762

I found the perfect merging of technology and old-fashioned paper products: a notepad and post-its in the shape of an ipad and iphone! I love that there is a slightly tongue-in-cheek take on these products and I get the bonus of using something that works for me- paper & pen!- and looks a heck of a lot like the gadgets I love and use daily.


Happy family of old & new.



4 thoughts on “Technology vs. Paper and Pen

  1. These are WAY cool! I also love that you have a blog on Filofaxes and planners =D thanks for following me on Instagram, l am enjoying your photos thus far and l am looking forward to more great ones (and blog posts!) in the future =D

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