Blog me a Rainbow

When I was contemplating starting a blog I knew I had to have a lot of my ideas organized in order to be 1- consistant about posting relevant posts and 2- not forget any great ideas I had that I wanted to share with others! I started out with this but wasn’t feeling very inspired by it:


So, I began an online search to find something better. During my quest to find blog planning resources online I came across an ADORABLE blog planning page that I used to get myself started: (from


I love rainbow- all COLOR!- so this was a great fit for me. Only, it wasn’t. I mean, I loved the look and the layout, only it was a full size 8 1/2 x11 sized page and I use a personal sized Filofax (3.5 x 6.75) so it was WAAAAY too big to work in there.

No question; this was what I wanted but just had to figure out a way to convert it to work for my size planner! I found myself doing this:


and after some printing, cutting and punching (and brainstorming!) I ended up with this:


I love it! I have also filled several of these pages already with great ideas for the Blog. OperaGirl has got to get going and do some Opera today.

Happy Organizing!



Introducing…. Saffiano!

I would like to introduce you the the newest member of my Filofax family:

the Purple Saffiano! Isn’t she lovely?!


I love the pocket in the front- almost more useful than all the little slots in the Finsbury (don’t worry, I will be talking about all of them at some point!) as I can put larger things in the front without adding too much bulk. I’m also going to address all the little colorful pieces of paper you see stuck throughout these pictures…


Another thing I’ve decided to do for each one of my Filofax’s is to make my own coordinating clear fly-leaf  and front dashboard page for each. I love the idea of having an extra page to stick things too during a busy week, without infringing too much on my overview of the whole week. For Saffiano, I chose a Grey, Black and Silver theme, to go with the Purple.



Lots of little things in there- I’ll be doing my best to explain what they all are and how they help me keep my life more organized and productive!


Have a great Tuesday. 🙂

Pretty Paper

I love using pretty paper. Even though I have loads of fun things to decorate the plain white stuff with in my arsenal of supplies, I am always on the lookout for inexpensive paper that is already “decorated”.  The other day I was perusing the office supply section at a drug store and spotted this notebook:

Pretty 1

The pages inside are just as great as the front cover:

Pretty 2

And some of the pages even have a floral décor and verse in the corner:

Pretty 3

I also liked that there was nothing that would be lost (on the hole-punched side) in cutting these down to fit into my Personal sized Filofax; so I pulled out a few pages, lined up the clear insert to trace, cut them out, hole-punched them and voila- great to-do list inserts that I “made” myself!

Pretty 4

Already being put to good use.

Pretty 5


Technology vs. Paper and Pen

I love all technology- especially all my Apple gadgets. But after a while things just weren’t getting written down and I didn’t look at it on the days that I wasn’t at “work” (meaning I was not on the road traveling or in rehearsals) which also meant things were still getting forgotten. Or they were prioritized incorrectly. Or they were put into an organizing program that I never looked at again. You get the idea… I was not being productive.

I love my phone- and Ipad. They are used EVERY day and serve all kinds of wonderful functions, especially when I’m away from my home office. (My iphone isn’t pictured, since I’m taking the photos on it!)


Then I found these….

IMG_2761 IMG_2762

I found the perfect merging of technology and old-fashioned paper products: a notepad and post-its in the shape of an ipad and iphone! I love that there is a slightly tongue-in-cheek take on these products and I get the bonus of using something that works for me- paper & pen!- and looks a heck of a lot like the gadgets I love and use daily.


Happy family of old & new.