Simplifying my Life.

“Simplifying my life: while keeping my creative side intact!” -Unknown

Organizing. I would venture to say that I have  very complicated, unique and difficult-to-keep-track-of life. I am a Professional Opera singer that travels a ton (and have for the last decade) & am married to a wonderful man with a wonderful (and busy!) family which makes keeping track of even the simplest things like Holidays and Birthdays incredible complex. I had a system that was “sort-of” working for me, until the day my sister brought me to the airport at 5 am. And somehow, my flight had left without me. Two days earlier. Seriously?! I called her up to tell her, and instead of getting mad she said something incredibly wise and life-changing to me;

“Whatever you’re doing, it’s not working.”

In case you were wondering, I love being married. He is the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be happier. And this man has a very large extended family with loads of get-togethers, Anniversaries, parties, and Birthdays. About 6 months into our marriage I was out of the state on a work trip and suddenly was informed by my lovely man that it was his mothers Birthday. AND I HAD FORGOTTEN IT. Something had to change. I absolutely love my life and all the things that come with it, but let me tell you: keeping track of all that there is to do and send and pick up and buy and cook and clean and….. well, you get the idea. So I decided to create a “Home Binder”… that morphed into a planner…. that evolved into my obsession with Filofaxes.

So this site?  It’s going to be my attempt at sharing the ways I’m using my Filofax. My title comes from explaining to Mr. W how exactly I arrived at the current set-up I use. There have been many, many “Incarnations of Organization” and I hope there will continue to be more. I’m glad you’re here. 🙂