All Things Gold…

There is a new craze going around (well, perhaps not so new, but new to me!) that involves lots of pretty, shiny, Gold things. I like. πŸ™‚

So, I bought myself a can of Gold spray paint (Rustoleum) and proceeded to Gold-ify a few things on my desk… I love how they turned out!

I taped off a small square vase to use as a pen/pencil holder:


So pretty and fun! I also did a disgustingly ugly old pair of scissors I had, and painted them Gold- LOVE the new life it gave them!


I then paintedΒ a Melissa & Doug wooden tray that my nieces left here from one of their fun toy sets…


How perfect is that for an inbox?! And I got really smart and painted the bottom of my boring, grey post-it dispenser. GENIUS!!!!

IMG_4240 IMG_4241

I also change the paper under the plastic top of this often- changes the look of the dispenser for a holiday, the season, or just because you want something that looks great with your post-it notes. πŸ™‚

Happy Gold-ing!


My Beautiful A5…

I miss using her… she is so beautiful!


I just can’t justify using two planners- especially not these days with everything else I carry around!


I’m hoping that someday I’ll find a special use for it, but until then I’m using her today to make a list. Sigh. So pretty….


Happy Monday!

Washi, Washi, Washi: Foil Edition, Part 2

Here are the rest of the Foil Washi I purchased- these ones definitely have a “St. Patrick’s Day” vibe to them as I’m always a sucker on the lookout for seasonal themed items. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the pretty, shiny pictures!

Shamrocks, Hearts & Arrows…



Roses & Stripes


The new Foil Collection. Go get some!



Happy Organizing.

Washi, Washi, Washi: Foil Edition, Part 1

I’m aware that I’ve got a washi problem. As in, I don’t know if I have any self-control when it comes to those gleaming, adorable, printed-in-any-pattern-and-texture-you-can-imagine rolls…. I have Way. To. Many. And I don’t think I could part with a single one. Sad (pathetic, really), but true. I won’t even tell you how many I’ve got, let’s just say they have their own home in my desk area! πŸ™‚

And I of course have now discovered Foil Washi. How did I not know about this wonderful marvel before now?!?! So pretty! Shiny. And Sticky. And Functional. And Fun! So I’m now going to delight you with some photos of my new washi. (Links to Etsy seller is at the bottom of this post!)

Gorgeous Mint, Black & Silver…




Gold & Peach (This is on some of my April pages- what a great color combo!)


More to come of the Foil Edition. πŸ™‚

Fantastic store, wonderful product, and amazingly fast shipping. Very pleased!

Happy Washi-ing. πŸ™‚

Missing in Action

Hello dear readers! I’ve been gone for so long I don’t even remember the last post I made here. Apologies! I’ve been off traveling, celebrating the Holidays and oh yes- having a Baby!! Our daughter Waverly was born in November and life has been wonderful- albeit crazy busy!

I miss blogging and playing with my Filo. So I’m planning to be back soon! Thanks for sticking with me and for all of your views and comments: you make me want to keep sharing what goes on in my crazy full creative brain.

See you soon. πŸ™‚